Parents for Public Schools of Houston

"Parents for Public Schools® of Houston is a member of the national organization of Parents for Public Schools, Inc."

“Tell Me and I Forget,
Teach Me and I May Remember,
Involve Me and I Learn.”

- Benjamin Franklin


Parents for Public Schools of Houston promotes and strengthens public schools by organizing, training and engaging parents

Our Vision

PPS of Houston promotes and strengthens public schools by organizing, training, and engaging parents in the educational process. PPS provides parents often voiceless with the tools and confidence they need to ensure that the local schools are excellent.

Importance of Parents Organization for Public Schools

Support For Parents & Students

We provide an environment for parents and students to learn more about their public school systems.

Bring In Effective Reforms

Focusing on school reforms that matter to the students is the need of the hour. With our experience, we can expedite the process.

Improve Standard Of Education

We work closely with public school systems to understand them better. Our chapter members can help improve the quality of education in schools.

Train Parents To Integrate

Some parents find integrating with the local public school system challenging. We provide a platform to do so through effective training.

Develop Solutions

We focus on developing effective training methods to help parents make effective choices when issues arise.

Best Communication Platform

We can become an effective liaison between the school and the parents for constructive communication across all demographics.

Why Should You Join Parents for Public Schools Houston

Make A Difference

Being a member of Parents for Public Schools can genuinely improve educational standards for your children and others.

Gives True Ownership

You will become a part of a movement that empowers parents across the country and gets more out of their public school system.

Connect With Teachers

Being a part of Parents for Public Schools, you get a platform to engage with local community leaders and teachers.

Solves Crucial Issues

We take pride in the fact that our group solves critical issues, providing a better educational experience for all children.

Meet Other Families

You can also meet with other families in your community through our organization and chapters. This can help you get important perspectives from other parents.

Parent Training Programs

You become a part of our proven Parent Training Programs that can help parents integrate with public schools better.

School Parents Organization - FAQs

PPS is a national organization that helps parents and local public schools become better at imparting education. We are divided into local chapters that can help focus on specific local issues in a particular area.

Unlike other organizations like PTA, PPS is not connected to the school district. We are an autonomous organization that affects systemic changes through the strength of our community. We encourage participation in campus-based work of an SEO Company, PTA and other organizations.

PPS affects real change in the local public education system. As an organization, we focus on systemic and district-wide changes for parents of public school children. These aspects make us a powerful force in driving change.

PPS primarily represents the parent voice - something that is not well heard in a public forum. However, you don't need to be a parent to gain membership in our community.

Can't find your local PPs chapter? Talk to us. We can help you get started on a PPS chapter in your area. Click on this link to find out how you can form your own local PPS chapter.

Yes, PPS chapters are independent and credible entities that parents can use to address issues specific to their locality. Members can create an active community that fosters positivity and inclusiveness through chapters.
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